About me

I am a Digital Marketing Expert who specializes in helping small businesses grow their online presence through engaging content and strategic campaigns.


I have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, conflict management ability, and advanced computer skills. I am able to work independently and/or in teams, and I have the ability to anticipate customer needs, maintain operations and productiveness, develop procedures and well-organized work flows, solve problems, and implement effective action plans, as well as apply company policies and procedures, establish new relationships with customers and suppliers, and develop advocacy skills.

I have digital expertise in modeling (Merise, UML), programming (PHP, Java), managing Databases (SQL Server, PhpMyAdmin), the web (HTML5, CSS3, WordPress), video editing software (Movavi), development tools (IDEs) (Eclipse, Android Studio), version control (Git and GitHub), operating systems (Windows and Linux), building websites, and mastering hotel software (Fols, VG, Hotix, Tars, Prolog, Resaweb) (IA)